Artists, All…

When does one call one’s self an artist?  That’s a question I asked myself when I read about Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art 2016 Postcard Swap.

I had been taking some photos with my small digital camera and adding textures to make them look like photo paintings. I wondered if what I had been creating could qualify as art – could I humbly attach the word artist to my name? In the beginning I doubted, but after mailing several postcards, I did feel liberated as an artist…yes indeed, this swap helped free not only my artwork, but my artist-self as well.

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Nature Altars

Nature altars are like mandalas that we create in the outdoors. It is a spontaneous activity that does not require planning. All that you have to do to create a nature altar is go to a place of nature (or your backyard), look around and gather materials that you can use to create your nature altar. Read more