Artists, All…

When does one call one’s self an artist?  That’s a question I asked myself when I read about Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art 2016 Postcard Swap.

I had been taking some photos with my small digital camera and adding textures to make them look like photo paintings. I wondered if what I had been creating could qualify as art – could I humbly attach the word artist to my name? In the beginning I doubted, but after mailing several postcards, I did feel liberated as an artist…yes indeed, this swap helped free not only my artwork, but my artist-self as well.

During this year’s postcard swap, an astounding 1050 pieces of art were liberated by 175 artists participating from 12 countries! It was fun receiving the postcards from five other participants, and although I only saw one of my postcards acknowledged in the Facebook page, it felt good enough to know that my art landed on someone else’s mailbox.

This was my very first postcard swap and it was an amazing experience. Thank you so much, Kat Sloma!

Here are the five artworks I liberated this year….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And these are the wonderful liberated art that landed on the shores of my part of the Philippines (in order of arrival)…

Goldfinch on a twig by Jana Johnson, Oregon

bird from Oregon1message2


Inspiring pencil line artwork by Christopher Allen-Munising, Michigan

postcard swap1



Twilight Eagle by Diana Brady, California




Sunshine warms the soul by Doug Bascom



Photography art by Julia Corvallis, Oregon



Here is a video prepared by Kat Sloma featuring some of the art liberated during this year’s postcard swap…


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19 thoughts on “Artists, All…

  1. I love your beautiful artwork and the way you presented it..I hope we will get to do main- side swap (or both ) next year! Happy LYA :-)) You have a new follower !


  2. Oh you are definitely an artist! Your work is wonderful! Congrats on sharing it with the world! Love the cards you received as well, and Christopher’s handmade card is great 🙂 See you next year and maybe we can swap then 🙂


  3. Thank you for participating in the LYA Postcard Exchange this year. You have a great start! It is a leap to actually PRINT your own artwork, and then to share it with the world. Kat provided the nudge for many of us to take that leap. It just keeps getting better … You will GROW from this experience, and make even better art in the coming year. Congratulations, and welcome to the community!


    1. Thank you Michele for the encouraging words. I am so happy to be part of this community, and certainly, I will join again next year. You are right, this activity was a leap… and I am so glad I was able to grab the opportunity!.


  4. Beautiful slideshow, beautiful art. I know the people who received your postcards are so happy with them. Keep on all the great artwork.


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