Artists, All…

When does one call one’s self an artist?  That’s a question I asked myself when I read about Kat Sloma’s Liberate Your Art 2016 Postcard Swap.

I had been taking some photos with my small digital camera and adding textures to make them look like photo paintings. I wondered if what I had been creating could qualify as art – could I humbly attach the word artist to my name? In the beginning I doubted, but after mailing several postcards, I did feel liberated as an artist…yes indeed, this swap helped free not only my artwork, but my artist-self as well.

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Nature Altars


Nature altars are like mandalas that we create in the outdoors. It is a spontaneous activity that does not require planning. All that you have to do to create a nature altar is go to a place of nature (or your backyard), look around and gather materials that you can use to create your nature altar. Read more


The Narra (Pterocarpus Indicus) trees in the Philippines are shedding. These large deciduous trees are 30-40 meters tall, and their trunks reach up to two meters in diameter.

When the Narra trees shed their leaves, people say they look like dead trees. I see differently – I am mesmerized by the hidden beauty that are finally exposed when the Narra sheds its leaves. Read more

Sacred Pauses


The walis tingting (broomstick) is made from the dried midribs of coconut leaves. It is a common – if not necessary – cleaning tool in most Filipino homes. Swish, swish, swish, the sound of the walis tingting can be heard in the morning and then again in the afternoon as it is used to sweep the garden.

The image of the walis tingting resting against the trunk of a tree reminds us of the pauses in our lives. We clean, we work, we play. The moments in between each and every activity in our daily lives are invitations to take pauses – necessary pauses – to help us wind up from the previous activity and at the same time prepare for the next one. Read more

Two Friends

I have a couple of friends that go with me whenever I need company.

Friends who have been with me through thick and thin.

These two friends have seen me through the dark nights of my soul; and have danced with me through the lovely days of my life.

Two friends that never fail to help me sort things out when the going gets rough…and rougher. Read more